XOCHIPALENSIS   Reyes et al., 2019

First published in Phytotaxa 399 (1): 14 - 24. 2019


Note :

E. xochipalensis has been published as a new species from Guerrero. It is compared with E. fulgens var. fulgens and var. obtusifolia. As E. fulgens is known to occur in the Mexican states México, Morelos, Guerrero, Jalisco, Michoacán, Oaxaca and Veracruz, it seems that E. xochipalensis is simply a new name for plants in Guerrero hitherto considered E. fulgens. Whether this segregation will be accepted remains to be seen.

E. xochipalensis is also compared with E. crenulata, however it is obvious that the authors ignored not only the description by Rose of this species, but also Uhl's comment in Haseltonia 9, p. 129, 2002, that means the plant they identified as E. crenulata is NOT this species and their comparison is useless.

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