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Aliénor   '알리에노르’

The name E. 'Aliénor' is a synonym of E. 'Nobaranosei'.

Description by Jean-Michel Moullec, Subtropica Juillet 2009 of a 7 years old plant with 6 rosettes :

caulescent, stem first prostrate, later decumbent.

Stem :
ca. 13 cm long, 1,2 cm in diameter at base, old leaves persistent and hiding the stem; branching and forming new terminal rosettes, aerial roots like with E. derenbergii.

7 cm diameter for the biggest.

spatulate, 4 – 4,2 cm long, 1,3 – 1,4 cm wide near apex, 0,4 – 0,5 cm wide at base, 0,4 – 0,5 cm thick; mucro reddish, 3 mm long; green, but strongly pruinose, margins at apex slightly reddish; underside convex, upper side concave at base and convex near apex.

Inflorescence :
1 – 3 for one rosette, 18 – 20 cm long, peduncle 0,3 – 0,4 cm thick; pruinose; lower bracts 10 – 12, small, fairly equal, 1 cm long and 0,4 cm wide, with reddish tip; pedicel up to 3 cm for the first flower, shorter for the other flowers, pruinose.

unequal, slightly spreading, up to 0,8 cm long, tips reddish.

1,3-1,5 cm long, 0,8-0,9 cm wide at base; petals outside yellow tinged orange or pinkish or reddish; inside imperial yellow; carpel yellow, style green.

Photos Emmanuelle Aubé

Photo Stefan Neuwirth

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