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Avalon '아발론’

This plant has been listed as Echeveria cv De Kluys in the 1980 catalogue of Ing. H. van Donkelaar Nursery in the Netherlands. So this may be the original name of this hybrid, but as it was not accompanied by either a description or an illustration the name has not been established


Parentage : Echeveria setosa x E. sp.

Named by Jean-Michel Moullec


 Description :

caulescent, branching, 11 cm high (without inflorescences).

6 – 7 cm long, 1,3 cm in diameter; offsetting at base, new stems rooting easily, some offsets also at the base of the rosette.

ca. 7 cm in diameter, 3 cm high – if grown in peat and with fertilizer it gets two or three times as wide; numerous leaves, not persistent.

of a 4 years old plant 3 cm long, 1 cm wide, 0,4 cm thick – for a 2 years old plant 5,7 cm long, 1,6 cm wide and 0,3 cm thick – for a plant in peat and with fertilizer 10 cm long (!); margins and mucro slightly ciliate; mucro thin, 2 mm long.

2 -3 , 25 – 28 cm long; peduncle 0,4 cm thick, reddish, slightly hairy; numerous bracts, ciliate, glabrous above, slightly hairy below, green with reddish apex, 1,1 -1,3 cm long, 0,4 – 0,5 cm wide, fairly equal except upper bracts; each peduncle with 1 – 3 cincinni with 7 – 9 flowers; pedicels 1 -2 cm long.

: Sepals unequal, not united, spreading, 0,7 – 0,8 cm long; corolla 1,3 cm long, 0,3 – 0,4 cm wide at base; petals outside more or less reddish, central part darker red, margins and apex yellow; inside yellow slightly tinged reddish in lower part; carpel cream yellow, styles green.

Photos Harmen Blumers

Photo Emmanuelle Aubé

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