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Alfred ‘알프레드'

Origin unknown.

Suggested parents : Echeveria pulidonis and E. elegans.


Described and named for his friend  Alfred H. Waltemyer by Bernie DeChant.
Published in Subtropica 30, April 2010


Known in Korea as E. 'Moon Fairy'. 




Description :


Stem erect, 4 cm high, 1,4 cm in diameter, offsetting at base, color grayish green.


Rosette compact, 9,5 cm in diameter, 4 cm high, ca. 35 leaves.


Leaves 4,5 cm long, 0,5 cm thick, 1,6 cm wide near apex;  obovate-oblong, acute, mucronate, slightly concave above and convex below, not keeled; color bluish green, pruinose, upper margins and mucro slightly pinkish.


Inflorescence a secund raceme, peduncle 26 cm long, 0,2 cm in diameter, color  grayish green, pruinose, bracts 10, 1,5 cm long, 0,2 cm wide, lanceolate,  spurred, soon falling off, grayish green, pruinose, pedicel  9 mm long.


Flowers : 14 +, sepals very unequal, united at base for 2 mm, up to 11,5 mm long and 2,1 mm wide, spreading, color same as bracts, corolla strongly urceolate,  petals 14 mm long and 4 mm wide, united at base, keeled, tips curved outside, color outside yellow tinged reddish, inside yellow, carpel yellowish white, style green, filaments yellow, anthers brown.

Photos Bernie DeChant

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