Blue Dude

Parentage :  Echeveria ‘Joy’s Giant’ x  Echeveria laui


Created by Robert Campbell, USA


A brilliantly bright blue cultivar having a deep bloom on dramatically rounded leaves that are impervious to weather or disease.


Under dry or cool conditions, Echeveria ‘Blue Dude’ has clear pink overtones. Planted outside it would attain a 45-60 cm diameter, with a height of about 45 cm.


Echeveria ‘Blue Dude’ responds very well to any growing condition. It can be grown to large size with lots of water and fertilizer, or it can be maintained in containers dependent only on rain, with a perfect maintenance of colour, and disease free nature.


It has orangey red flowers, in large inflorescences, coming from between the leaves, with the plant itself not elongating very much. The plant can be grown year after year without much height increase, and need not be cut back by lopping off the top.


There are several slightly different clones in circulation.



Photos Robert Campbell
Photos Daniel Pope
Photos Zeynep D. Karaman

Normal and crested forms :

Photos Jacquie Koutsoudis

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