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Ballerina ‘발레리나’

Created by H. McCabe.  

Named by Don Skinner. 

Distributed as ISI 454 (1965) with this description :

"This large and showy Echeveria is one of the finest of its type, with highly reddened ruffled leaves. One of Helen McCabe’s old hybrids, if of unknown parentage but apparently allied to E. violescens. [E. gibbiflora ‘Violescens’] It was recently named ‘Ballerina’ by Don Skinner with Mrs McCabe’s approval.  We highly recommend for your collection. It may reach 18” (45.7 cm) in diameter in the ground, but will stay smaller when confined to a pot. Easily propagated from young flower stalks. Large plants.”

Photos  in Echeveria Cultivars p.57.

Photo Bev Spiller

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