SECUNDA 'Compton Carousel'

 by Roy Mottram.

Echeveria secunda 'Lenore Dean' unest. name. At first known by this name in California, with modified spelling of Lenora, but lacks any known description. [Lenora Dean is the name of an elderly lady in whose private garden in Compton, S of Los Angeles, California, this variegated mutant was first discovered in a colony of its normal green form by a visitor, David Sheppard, horticulturist & garden designer of Sonoma, San Francisco. He referred to it as Echeveria secunda 'DS-2009'. David Sheppard was born in Marin County and moved to the town of Sonoma, California, in the 1980s. He was Director of Horticulture for the Quarryhill Botanical Garden 1989-2001, then went into business on his own in 2001. Redesigned the garden of Willa & Ned Mundell]

Echeveria secunda 'Compton Carousel' Cubey, Plants given RHS Exhibition Awards 2007-2008, Hanburyana 4: 72. (Sep) 2009 [publ. 28 Oct 2009] (“glauca”).

Echeveria Serenity 'Compton Carousel' PPAF Planthaven 15 Sep 2014.

Etym: Named for the city of Compton, S of Los Angeles, California, in reference to its place of origin.

?ST: Photo of a sterile rosette, in Southfield Nurseries Mail Order List April 2010/2011 (illustrated supplement: [4]). (19 Mar) 2010, where the cultivar is said to have been “given to us to help propagate” about 2003 by a landscape gardener, who collected variegated plants. He said that it had no name, but that 'Compton Carousel' would be appropriate.

Obs: Granted an RHS Award of Merit on 16 Aug 2008 by the Tender Ornamental Plants Committee. PlantHaven Inc., Santa Barbara, have a patent pending on the trademark name Serenity, based on this plant.



Photo of a sterile rosette, in Southfield Nurseries Mail Order List April 2010/2011, the nomenclatural standard.

Plant James Barry Slabbert
Photos Jacquie Koutsoudis

Photo Ed Dunin-Wasowicz

The rosette is 10 cm high and its diameter is 16 cm, stem 5 cm, offsetting from the base.

Photos Georges Meunier

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