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Curly Locks ‘컬리 락스’

Echeveria 'Curly Locks'.  Carruthers & Ginns, Echeverias: 97, t.3. 1973.

Originator:  Harry M. Butterfield.

Established: Carruthers & Ginns, Echeverias: 97. 1973.

Nomenclatural standard: Carruthers & Ginns, Echeverias: t.3. 1973 (designated & reproduced here).

First description: "It forms a close rosette 15 cm. in diameter of blue, slightly pruinose leaves. These are oblong spatulate, the edges folded up with very wavy margins, older leaves retuse. Offsets are produced freely from the base."

Sister seedling of E. 'Crinkles', E. 'Ruffles' and E. 'Ripples'.

Echeveria 'Curly Locks' - photo by Dick Wright, taken pre-1973. Copied from Carruthers & Ginns, Echeverias: t.3. 1973.

Photo Noelene Tomlinson

Photo Horace Kennewell

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