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Cameo ‘카메오’

E. gibbifloraCarunculata’ x E. ‘Edna Spencer’   /    E. 기비플로라 ‘카룬쿨라타’ x E. ‘에드나 스펜서’


Created by Dick Wright, California, 1961.


Sister seedling of ‘Paul Bunyan’


Stem about 15 cm high, 3 cm diameter; dense rosette of 30 leaves, 30 cm diameter; young leaves pale green, long spatulate, carunculate, 7 cm broad, pronounced tip; pale blue turning a tinge of pink.” Short description from “Echeverias” of Carruthers & Ginns.


Established: Carruthers & Ginns, Echeverias - A guide to cultivation and identification: 81, t.9. (before June) 1973.

Nomenclatural standard: Photo by Dick Wright in Carruthers & Ginns, Echeverias - A guide to cultivation and identification: t.9. 1973. Designated here and shown above.

First description: This highly embossed plant seems to have about reached the ultimate in carunculation and is a very interesting plant for its more compact and short stem growth.
The stem is about 15cm. high, 3cm. in diameter topped by a dense rosette of up to 30 leaves, the rosette is about 30cm. in diameter. The young leaves are pale green gradually lengthening until they are broadly spatulate, thickend at the base 15cm. long broadening to 7 cm. wide, terminating in a pronouced tip. Older leaves becoming recurved and retuse, the colour gradually changing to pale blue with a tinge of pink. Lack of water during spring and summer will cause withering of the leaf tips.


Plant James Barry Slabbert, South Africa
Photos Jacquie Koutsoudis

Photos Margrit Bischofberger

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