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Cosmos  秋桜 = 'Autumn Cherry Blossoms'

Parentage : Echeveria hybrid (probably E. chihuahuaensis x E. spec.) x E. lilacina

Created by Naoyuki Hagane 羽兼直行

注意 / Note :

1.母親は、日本で長い間栽培され、E.chihuahuaensis と考えられている植物です。 しかし、それは E. chihuahuaensis ではなくハイブリッドであり、おそらくE.chihuahuaensisが片方の親です。 その特徴花が咲くとロゼットが分頭されます、この現象はハイブリッドに起こり、原種では起こりません。

The mother is a plant which has been in Japan for a long time and thought to be E. chihuahuaensis. However this is wrong, it is not the species E. chihuahuaensis, it is in fact a hybrid, probably with E. chihuahuaensis as one parent. Its characteristic feature : After having produced an inflorescence it is dichotomously branching.


2.日本の夏のエケベリアは紅葉しないものが多いが、この E.Kosumosuは夏には美しく色づきます。

Echeveria in summer in Japan often do not turn red, but this plant is beautifully coloured in summer.


We named it "Kosumosu" after Cosmea that bloom at the end of summer.


Photos Naoyuki Hagane 羽兼直行

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