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Decora   '데코라' Rodigas, 1883

A somatic mutant of E. ‘Metallica’ – NOT E. gibbiflora ‘Metallica’ !


Origin unknown, introduced by Mrs V. Debergue and Son, Cambrai, Northern France.


Distributed in the UK under the wrong name “E. ‘Meynenii’ by J. C. van Keppel.

First published with a short description by Emile Rodigas in L’illustration Horticole 30 : 185, p. 505, 1883 :


 "La panachure est complète et c'est à peine si le coloris a gardé quelque chose de la teinte particulière de l'E. metallica. Les feuilles de l'E. decora sont nuancées de flammes et de stries longitudinales roses, irisées de pourpre, avec quelques macules gris verdâtre."


Description by J. C. van Keppel  (in NCSJ 27(4): 100 ) :


Habit caulescent.


Stem 20 – 60 cm long in older plants, 20 – 30 mm thick, erect, with a dense rosette on top.


Rosette 10 – 20 cm in diameter.


Leaves fleshy, 10 – 15, erect, later spreading, obovate, 4 – 10 cm long, 2 – 5 cm broad, margins irregular, most whitish or pinkish, apiculate, underside convex, upper side often deeply channeled, colour marbled green, whitish and pinkish, sometimes striped.


Inflorescences 20 – 40 cm long, 1 – 1.5 cm thick, often marbled, at first spreading, later erect, bracts many in a loose rosette, smaller than in the main rosette but of the same colour; flowers in a raceme of short cincinni with 1 – 5 flowers each, pedicels short.


Flowers : Sepals unequal, widespreading at anthesis, 3 – 10 mm long, shining reddish before flowering, later variegated, corolla pinkish outside, yellowish inside, 10 mm long and wide, tips not strong, curving outwards, stigmas reddish, anthers sterile.


Photo Margrit Bischofberger

Photos Emmanuelle Aubé

Photos Bernie DeChant

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