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Etna ‘에트나’

E. ‘Barbillion’ x E. 'Mauna Loa'  /   E. ‘마우나 로아’ x E. ‘바빌리온’


Created by Denise Manley.


Renee O'Connell relates :

 The Near Catastrophic Event Involving the Infant Echeveria ‘Etna’ and the Russian Blue “Catherine”


Echeveria ‘Etna’, hybridized by my mother Denise, came to life in December, 1981 and was named for the volcano ‘Etna’ in Sicily. Dick Wright, a good friend of Denise, agrees that the probable parents of ‘Etna’ are his own beautiful hybrids, Echeveria ‘Barbillion’ and Echeveria ‘Mauna Loa’.


One night, when the infant ‘Etna’ was around an inch in diameter, the forecast was for a very frosty night, and my mother, concerned that the seedling Echeverias might freeze, brought the entire seed flat into the house and put it in the kitchen. She then went on to bed. Unbeknownst to her, the Russian Blue cat “Catherine” was prowling around, as cats love to do at night, and decided at some point that Echeveria seedlings would probably make great “hockey pucks”. No one has any idea why this idea struck Catherine, but when my mother arose in the early morning, stumbling half-asleep into the kitchen to make coffee, she quickly became aware that her Echeveria infants were scattered all over the kitchen floor! Needless to say, she was not amused, and it was with great effort that she refrained from committing caticide. Order was restored in the universe; ‘Etna’ survived and grew to be a beautiful Echeveria, and Catherine grew into a beautiful, eccentric cat.


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