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Ghost Buster ‘고스트 버스터’

Synonym : 'Lindel Bedder'

Parentage : E. colorata x E. elegans / E. 콜로라타 x E. 엘레강스

Created by Bob Grim, 1977 as E. 'Lindel Bedder', but this name according to John
Trager has never been validly published by Bob Grim.  For the ISI distribution  2005-20 John Trager renamed it as 'Ghost Buster', a name which now is validly published - whether Bob Grim would agree with the name change is not known.


This new cultivar is another of the notable selections of Robert Grim of San Jose, California. It is a slow-growing hybrid of E. colorata and E. elegans. It resembles E. elegans with its pale alabaster coloration but is more robust (to 15 cm diameter) by virtue of its E. colorata parentage. The latter may also impart some frost hardiness, as that species has proven hardy to temperatures in the teens. Rooted offsets of HBG 77134, a hybrid made by Grim in 1977.”



Photos Emmanuelle Aubé

The plant at Huntington

Photos Michael Wisnev

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