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Glory 글로리

E. purpusorum x E. sp. / E. 퍼푸소룸 x E. sp.


Described by Al Waltemyer and Margrit Bischofberger


Description of a 3 years old plant of unknown origin
This is an acaulescent plant, offsetting at the base.


Rosette: 8 cm in diameter, 3 cm high, dense, appr. 36 leaves


Leaves: 3,8 cm long, 1,7 cm wide and 0,7 cm thick; obovate acute, upper side slightly concave, underside convex, keeled;  jade green, margins and keel brown, fine brownish / maroon dots on both sides.


Inflorescences: 2 for this plant, each with 7 flowers, peduncle 15 cm long, 2 mm in diameter, jade green; pedicel up to 7 mm long; 6 - 9 lower bracts, 9mm x 3mm, soon falling off, jade green; upper bracts as a pair at base of pedicels, very unequal, 3 - 7 mm long.


Sepals: unequal, not or barely united at base, 8 – 10 mm long, 3 – 4 mm wide, spreading, jade green


Petals: 8 mm long and 4 mm wide, not united at base, imbricate, keeled, tips slightly curved outside;  color outside and inside canary yellow to light orange, tips reddish orange. Color of petals varies not only from flower to flower but from petal to petal within a particular flower.


Carpel beige, style green, filaments white.


Parentage: The plant certainly is a hybrid with Echeveria purpusorum as one parent.



Photos Bernie DeChant

Photos Noelene Tomlinson

Photo Emmanuelle Aubé

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