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Hakutou   白桃 = 'White Peach'

Parentage : Echeveria pulidonis x E. laui

Created by Naoyuki Hagane 羽兼直行

注意 / Note :


1。交配親のpulidonisは日本では長い間 Echeveria’Apus’ として間違った名前で流通していた。

In Japan, it was distributed under the wrong name Echeveria'Apus' for a long time. 


Inheriting the whiteness of his father E. laui, the white and red edges became pink, which is now reflected in the  name 'Hakutou'.


.The flower color is yellow like the flower of E. pulidonis, and the inflorescence (arrangement of flowers) is like that of E. laui.

The hybrid is somewhat variable :

Photos Naoyuki Hagane 羽兼直行

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