Margaret Martin ‘마가렛 마틴’

Created by / Créée par Margaret J. Martin (Wimborne, Dorset, UK), 1999


Parentage / Parenté : E. agavoides x E. colorata ‘Lindsayana’    /    E. 아가보이데스 x E. 콜로라타 ‘린제아나’


Named by / Nommée par Jean-Michel Moullec


Publication in Subtropica n°27, juillet 2009


Note :

This name strictly belongs only to the plant created and sold by Margaret Martin. However the hybrid is not distinguishable from other crosses of E. agavoides and E. colorata 'Lindsayana'. The name must not be used as it is impossible to know the origin of such hybrids. It has been superfluous right from the beginning.



Photos Emmanuelle Aubé

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