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Mauna Loa    ‘마우나 로아’   瘤女王

Created by Dick Wright in 1976.


This is a complex Dick Wright hybrid with E. gibbiflora ‘Carunculata’ and other cultivars in his parentage.

Hybride complexe par Dick Wright avec E. gibbiflora ‘Carunculata’ et d’autres cultivars comme parents.


Schulz & Kapitany, Echeveria Cultivars, p. 135 : Photos by R. Schulz taken at Dick Wright's nursery show 3 clones of the same plant to demonstrate how different a plant looks when grown in full sun or in shade or in different soil.

Photos Dick Wright

Plant in Australia :

Photo Bev Spiller

Photo Noelene Tomlinson

Plant in South Africa :

Plant James Barry Slabbert

Collection Gideon Coetzee, Cape Town, SA.

At left a young plant, at right the mother plant :

Photos Jacquie Koutsoudis

A young plant at the US east coast with only little carunculation :

Photos Bernie DeChant

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