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Meridian ‘메르디앙’

Originated: Dick Wright, California, 1964.

A cross of E. crenulata and a hybrid by H. Butterfield, called 'Butterfield 1'.

 Above: A 25cm. rosette in Johnson Cactus Gardens nursery [catalogue]: 13. 1965. (The same photo appeared a year before in the 1964 catalogue but in black & white.)

Established: Johnson, Harry, in Johnson Cactus Gardens [catalogue]: 5. 1964 (mono); 13. 1965 (colour).

Nomenclatural standard: Photo by Dick Wright in Carruthers & Ginns, Echeverias - A guide to cultivation and identification: t.6. 1973. Designated here and shown above.

Description: This hybrid is well known in English collections for its vigorous growth and was one of the first of the new hybrids to be imported. It slowly forms a stout stem topped by a loose 20cm. rosette of slightly pruinose, broad, spatulate leaves, which are green undulating with red margins. It produces offsets occasionally from the base. (Carruthers & Ginns, p.99)

Photo Bev Spiller

Photos Emmanuelle Aubé

Photo Stefan Neuwirth

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