Perle von Nürnberg or Perle von Nuernberg ‘펄 본 뉘른베르크’

Created by / Créée par Alfred Gräser


Parentage / Parenté : E. gibbiflora ‘Metallica’ x E. elegans ‘Potosina’  /  E. 기비플로라 ‘메탈리카’ x E. 엘레강스 ‘포토시나’ - however the breeder added that both parents were no longer the true species ! And right from the beginning three slightly different forms of E. 'Perle von Nürnberg' were propagated and distributed :

- a form with steel-blue leaves

- a form with reddish leaves and

- a form with silvery-grey leaves.

This explains why the flowers do not resemble E. gibbiflora flowers.

ISI text : “ A hybrid produced by the German nurseryman R. Graeser  [ISI errs – the originator is Alfred Gräser, not Rudolf Gräser] in the 1930’s, parents
E. gibbiflora ‘Metallica’ and E. potosina [now E. elegans ‘Potosina’]. This is one of the finest echeverias and one of the most beautiful plants that one can grow. The plants are medium sized and the leaves are a bright, deep, pink violet with a whitish edge.”


Photo Noelene Tomlinson
Photo Thomas Delange

Photo Werner Niemeier

Photo Emmanuelle Aubé
Photos Margrit Bischofberger
Photo Thomas Delange

A variegated form is distributed as Echeveria 'Rainbow' :

Photo James Lucas

Photo Leo González

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