Pinky   ‘핑키’

Created by Myron Kimnach, 1961


Parentage / Parenté : E. cante (UC 55.226) x E. shaviana (UC 60.888)  /  E. 칸테 x E. 샤비아나


Distribution : ISI 697, 1971


If you like E. shaviana and E. subrigida [now E. cante], distributed by us earlier, you should enjoy the offspring of these two. ‘Pinky’ forms a rosette about 9” (23 cm) across with slightly crinkled leaves of a rosy bluish grey difficult  to describe. Because the leaves are powdery, its delicate beauty is best  preserved if the plant is grown under glass in good light; one should also be careful to avoid wetting the leaves! Rooted cuttings of a hybrid by Myron Kimnach in 1961 of E. shaviana (UC 60.888) and E. subrigida (UC 55.226 – seed parent) [now E. cante].”



Photos Emmanuelle Aubé

Photo Sandy Linnane

Photo Noelene Tomlinson

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