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Rain Drops 레인 드랍스’

A Dick Wright hybrid.

Unfortunately in the course of the years Dick Wright distributed several more or less resembling seedlings from the same batch as E. 'Rain Drops'. Those which are rather similar may be called 'Rain Drops', two fairly different forms have been given new names : E. 'New Heights' (Bev Spiller) and E. 'Heart's Delight' (Jocelyn Ainsworth).
The hybrid has also been tissue-cultured.

Original plant. Neat formal leaves with single round carunculations.
Photos Bev Spiller

Tissue-cultured E. 'Rain Drops' - Rosette diameter to 20 cm, leaves to 9 x 4 cm at the widest part :

The original plant at left, at right tissue-cultured 'Rain Drops' which seems to grow larger and carunculations are not always round :

Photos Noelene Tomlinson

Flowers of tissue-cultured E. 'Rain Drops' 
Photo Bev Spiller

Photos Bernie DeChant

Photos Jacquie Koutsoudis

Not the original hybrid, but most likely a seedling from the same batch :

Photos Mateo Lichtenstein

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