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Ron Ginns ‘론 긴스’


Parentage : Echeveria cante x E. harmsii

Created by Richard Loake, UK.



Description by Les Carruthers (in NCSJ, Vol. 35/4, p. 106) :


Plant glabrous.


Stem stout-growing but short, in age 10 – 15 cm tall, 2 – 3 cm thick, branching freely.


Leaves 20 or more, crowded, 7 cm long, 2 cm broad, 5 mm thick, at the base narrowed to 8 – 10 mm, nearly flat above, hollowed near the tip, rounded beneath with a faint keel, colour a bright pale green, margins and tip bright red.


Inflorescences one or two to 15 cm tall, paniculate with three or more secund-racemose branches, lower bracts relatively large, resembling the leaves but smaller.


Flowers ten or more, corolla urceolate, 28 – 30 mm long, 15 mm diameter at base, colour scarlet-red, edges of segments cadmium-orange, segments thick, sharply keeled, deeply hollowed at the base, styles dark red.



This hybrid represents an interesting, vigorously-growing form similar in habit to E. harmsii. It lacks the pubescent coating on the leaves.

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