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x setorum 'Victor'   세토룸 '빅터'

Parentage / Parenté : E. setosa x E. purpusorum /  E. 세토사 x E. 퍼푸소룸 


Created by / Créée par V. Ploem (NL) at the beginning of the 1920s.

Described and named by J.C. van Keppel in Nat. Cact. & Succ. Journal, June, 1970, Vol. 25/2, P. 41.




Echeveria x setorum v. Keppel n.nom. = E. setosa Rose & Purp. x purpusorem Berg. Urbino-Eche­veria angustata v. Laren in Vetplanten, 1932: 79, fig. 94. 'Victor'

Description :

Rosette acaulescent, single, regular, dense, 10cm diameter.

Leaves ascending-spreading, oblong, narrowed to the top and tapering into a very thin mucro, 4-8cm long, 1.5cm broad at the widest point, greyish-green; margins, keel and back side (sometimes only on the upper part) spotted with reddish; younger leaves faintly papillate, later glabrous; margins and keel fimbriate, flat above, rounded on back side.

Floral Stems 2-4, 20cm long, greyish-reddish, with a single or bifid raceme, bracts 1cm long, awl-shaped, spurred, soon withering and falling off, some­times bigger and longer persistent, pedicels 1 - 3  cm long, 

Flowers  7-14, 1.5cm long, 1cm broad at base, sepals green, thick, equal, ascending or appressed to the corolla and one-third to one-quarter of its length, petals red, one-third from the tip yellow and yellow inside, faintly keeled, narrowed towards the tips, more or less rounded at the base and forming a short tube; tips scarcely spreading.

Note :

The hybrid is intermediate between the parents.


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