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Tomo   友 = 'Friend'

Parentage : Echeveria colorata fa brandtii x E. laui

Created by Naoyuki Hagane 羽兼直行

注意 / Note


1. 両親の染色体数は非常に多様です、母親の: E.colorata fa brandtii n = 27ですが、父親のE.laui n = 15しかありません。したがって、このハイブリッドは母親に似ており、主に 小柄な葉と長い蕚に現れている。


The chromosome numbers of the two parent species are very diverse : E. colorata fa brandtii has n = 27, while E. laui has only n = 15. So it is not surprising that the hybrid resembles more its mother, differing mainly in shorter leaves and longer sepals.




It is a vigorous plant and because it looks so friendly I have called it 'Friend'

Photos Naoyuki Hagane 羽兼直行

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