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Wagashi  ’和菓子

Parentage : Echeveria hybrid (probably E. chihuahuaensis x E. spec.) x E. laui

Created by Naoyuki Hagane 羽兼直行

注意 /Note

1.母親はおそらくE.chihuahuaensis が片親のハイブリッドです。 この植物の種子は「E.chihuahuaensis'Ruby Blush '」としてドイツから輸入されましたが、開花ステージになった苗はそれが雑種であることを示しています。


The mother plant is a hybrid, probably with E. chihuahuaensis as one parent. Seeds of this plant were imported from Germany as "E. chihuahuaensis 'Ruby Blush' ", but mature plants show that they are hybrids and not this species.





In summer the characteristic feature of this hybrid is not visible, however in winter the center of the rosette is distinctly pink.





The round white rosette with pink middle looks like Japanese sweets, so I named it 'Wagashi'.

Photos Naoyuki Hagane 羽兼直行

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