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Marquise de Sévigné


Parentage : Graptopetalum paraguayense x G. amethystinum (?)



Stems upright and pendent, up to 55 cm long, 1,2 cm in diameter.


Rosette at top of stem, 10-12 cm in diameter, 8 cm high, 20-30  leaves.


Leaves 6 cm long, 2,6 cm wide, greyish blue-green, pruinose, ventrally almost flat with faint markings, dorsally rounded, partly keeled.


Inflorescences lateral, a 35-50 cm long bifurcate cincinnus, with more than 20 flowers, pedicels 0,8-1 cm long.


Flowers 5- merous, 1,5 cm wide, sepals equal, appressed, 0,7-1,1 cm long, petals united at 2 mm, 1 cm long, 3-4 mm wide, white with many red blotches, stamen 10, white, carpel yellowish, style reddish.


Note :

This hybrid is not much different from Graptopetalum ‘Victor Kane’.


Published in Subtropica n°24, novembre 2008, by J.-M. Moullec

Photos Margrit Bischofberger

Photo Stefan Neuwirth

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