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Snow-White / Blanche-Neige

aka Graptopetalum 'Purple Delight' in Australia


Caulescent plant, stems first prostrate, later decumbent but somewhat upright at top, appr. 15 cm high.


Stem (for this plant) 25 cm long, 1,2 – 1,3 cm in diameter, aerial roots.


Rosette ca. 10 cm wide, about 20 leaves.


Leaves pale green but very pruinose – thus the name! 5,3 cm long, 2.1 cm wide and 0,9 cm thick; above flat to slightly convex, below convex without keel.


Inflorescence the same as in Graptopetalum paraguayense; petals white with some red dots different from flower to flower; anthers white, carpel greenish.



This plant is very special in being extraordinary pruinose. It differs from G. ‘Marquise de Sévigné’ in the colour of the leaves and in having less red dots inside of the petals – but this may also depend on growing conditions.


Published in Subtropica  26, April 2009 by Jean-Michel Moullec

Graptopetalum 'Snow-White' together with xGraptosedum 'Salmon' :

Photos Margrit Bischofberger

Plant grown in Australia :

Photos Noelene Tomlinson

Photo Joan Steele

Photo Santino Rischitelli

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