Characteristics of the Hybrid Genus xGraptoveria

Croisement artificiel entre un Graptopetalum et un Echeveria. Les fleurs ont des caractéristiques intermédiaires en particulier avec des étamines réfléchies et, parfois, des points rouges à l’intérieur des pétales.

How to recognize a xGraptoveria :

The flowers are decisive !

The shape of an Echeveria flower : A tube with petal tips somewhat recurved, the filaments more or less enclosed = rather shorter than the petals. 

The Graptopetalum flower : No visible tube but petals widely spreading = star-like, and filaments also spreading and – look at the flower bottom in the middle – filaments recurved between the petals. 

The hybrid of the two is generally intermediate in so far as the petals are more spreading than in Echeveria but definitely less spreading than in Graptopetalum and because the petals are somewhat spreading the filaments have the chance to curve out between the petals.

You may check this by perusing the xGraptoveria section on the ICN site :


Of course you will find that the flowers of the hybrids are variable. Hybrids are intermediate between the parents if their chromosome numbers are the same or almost so. If not, one of the parents has a more important influence than the other and this will also be seen in the shape of the flowers.


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