Albert Baynes ‘알버트 베인즈’

Created by / Créée par Albert Baynes of Shipley, Yorkshire, UK.

First published and named by J. C. van Keppel / Publiée et nommée par J.C. van Keppel : Succulenta 58 (9) : 227-228; l.c. (10) : 242, 1979.

Parentage / Parenté : Graptopetalum paraguayense x Echeveria spec. (‘Rubella’ ? ).

Synonyms : Graptopetalum baynesianum hort, Echeveria baynesii hort., xGraptoveria baynesii hort.



    Caulescent; stem to 2,5 cm in diameter, often branching at the base and higher up the stem.

    Rosette compact, ca. 15 cm in diameter.

    Leaves glabrous, obovate to ovate, blunt, apiculate, up to 8 cm long and 4 cm wide in the upper half, 0,5 cm thick, upper side strongly concave, convex beneath, faintly keeled; colour bluish-green with reddish blotches, later more uniformly pinkish-red, especially on the edges, crystalline in texture.

    Flower stalks 3 – 4, stout, erect, 20 cm long; bracts thick.

    Inflorescence paniculate-racemose with 3 – 5 cincinnate axes.

    Flowers in summer, yellow, somewhat pinkish outside; corolla lobes recurved at the tip; sepals adpressed, short, equal, green; carpels orange-red.



      xGraptoveria ‘Albert Baynes’ is similar to xG. ‘Harry Watson’, but is easily distinguished by the reddish dots on the leaves of the rosette.



      The mottled leaves are a distinctive feature of this hybrid and distinguish it from the similar xG. 'Harry Watson'.

      Photos Margrit Bischofberger
      Photo Emanuelle AubéAnd a much more colourful plant in Australia :
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