Autumn Evening ‘오텀 이브닝’

Origin and parentage unknown / Origine et parenté inconnues.

Described and named by / Décrite et nommée par James Lucas, Australia.

Probably an Australian hybrid / Probablement un hybride australien.


Stem : 4 cm high for a two years old plant, 2,7 cm in diameter, not offsetting; lime green.

Rosette : 23 cm in diameter, 13 cm high, rosette open, ca. 25 leaves.

Leaves : 13 cm long, 5,5 cm wide, 0,9 cm thick; obovate, acute, mucronate; upper side concave, midrib distinctly hollowed, underside convex, carinate; colour pale bluish green, pinkish-orange marbled, slightly glaucous.

Inflorescence : up to 3; peduncle 54,5 cm long, I cm thick, with 4 branches with up to 20 flowers each; colour pinkish orange; bracts 2,2 – 3 cm long and 0,9 – 1,2 cm broad, lanceolate, acute; withering and falling off; bracteoles 1,1 cm long; colour greenish yellow.

Flowers : pedicel 1,5 cm long; sepals very unequal, up to 1,3 cm long and 0,5 cm wide, united at base for 2,5 mm, acute, fleshy, slightly spreading, colour greenish brown; petals 1,3 cm long, 0,5 cm wide, united at base, keeled, tips almost not outcurved; pink in bud, pinkish-yellow outside when open, yellow inside; carpel pale yellow, style olive brown, filaments yellow, anthers olive.

James Lucas

Photos James Lucas

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