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HYPSELOLEUCE   Friis & M.G.Gilbert, 2017

Section  Kalanchoe

Distribution : Africa : Ethiopia, Oromia Regional State, 1350 - 1400 m.


Description :

Erect succulent herb with single stems, to ca 3 m high, unbranched below inflorescence. All parts except corolla glabrous.

Stem 20 - 25 mm in diam., cylindrical, smooth, dull pale green, internodes much shorter than leaves.

Leaves uniformly distributed along stem, sessile, opposite decussate, spreading, slightly reflexed with upturned tip, lamina uniformly dull pale green, narrowly lanceolate to elliptic, to 28.5 x 3 cm, slightly smaller towards base, gradually smaller towards inflorescence, with shallowly upturned sides so as to be uniformly curved (U-shaped) in cross section, base cuneate, not amplexicaul, but connected by ± distinct interpetiolar lines, margins entire, apex acute, no venation apparent.

Inflorescence terminal, broadly ovoid, to almost 1 m long with 5 or 6 pairs of pedunculate cymes; cymes with peduncle to 20 cm, upper internodes 4 or 5, progressively shorter, most flowers clustered apically in 3- or 4- branched dichasia; bracts leaf-like, to 10 x 0.6 cm, somewhat recurved, uppermost bracts almost linear, ca 5 mm long, pedicels to 12 mm long.

Flowers : Sepals 4, free, spreading, narrowly triangular-lanceolate, 6 - 6.5 x 1.5 - 1.8 mm, apex acute, no venation apparent, corolla pure white, abaxially minutely glandular-papillate towards apex of tube and especially on the half of the lobes not covered by other lobes in bud, tube narrowly urceolate, 30 - 39 mm long, to ca 9 mm wide near base, ca 3 mm wide near apex, slightly keeled between sepals, base widening in late anthesis, petals lanceolate, 8 - 10 x 3 - 4 mm, apex narrowly acuminate, stamens included.

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