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x ena hort. ex Schneider, 1914

Parentage : K. grandiflora x K. glaucescens (as K. flammea), a garden hybrid obtained in England before 1914.


Description (according to IHSP, 2003) :


Shrublets to 30 cm tall; stems glabrous.


Leaves glabrous, fleshy, petiole to 2.5 cm, lamina ovate, tip obtuse, base obtuse, margins crenate, to 8 x 4.5 cm.


Inflorescence corymbose, many-flowered, glabrous, pedicels to 1 cm.


FIowers scented, calyx green, sepals lanceolate, acuminate, ± 7 x 2 - 3 mm, corolla tube green, inflated at the base, ± 1 cm long, throat orange, petals dark red, lanceolate, acute, 5 - 6 x 2 - 3 mm, stamens included.


It resembles K. glaucescens in growth and habit, while inflorescence and flowers are reminiscent of K. grandiflora.

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