x edwardii Gideon F.Sm. & Shtein, 2020

Nothospecies name for all hybrids of Kalanchoe beharensis x K. tomentosa.


Published in Phytotaxa 475 (2): 117-124, 2020.


The Diagnosis reads : 

At maturity, plants of K. ×edwardii are medium-sized to large, and in some characters intermediate between K. beharensis and K. tomentosa. Plants differ from K. beharensis by having tomentose stems at maturity, stems thatlack prominent leaf scars, and leaves that are more thickly succulent, smaller, and ± triangular-deltoid, rather than elongatedtriangular, deltoid to peltate, and basally flat to cuneate rather than truncate to often peltate. The leaves of K. tomentosa are more succulent and narrowly lanceolate than those of K. ×edwardii and have shallow, brown-tipped teeth on, especially, the upper parts of the leaf margins. The abaxial and to a lesser extent the adaxial leaf surfaces of K. ×edwardii are often adorned with warty spinules, a character not common in either of its parents. Leaf arrangement in K. ×edwardii varies from alternate as in K. tomentosa, to decussate as in K. beharensis, to transitional between K. beharensis and K. tomentosa (rarely tricussate). The corollas of K. ×edwardii are lighter green and pink-infused, more so than in K. beharensis, but are generally lighter pinkish purple than those of K. tomentosa.

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