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x houghtonii  D.B.Ward, 2006  (engl./ fr.)

Parentage : Kalanchoe daigremontiana x K. delagoensis

Synonyms :

Bryophyllum tubimontanum  Houghton (1935) n.n.

Kalanchoe hybrida  Jacobsen (1954) n.n.

Kalanchoe 'Hybrida'  Hort.


Distribution : The hybrid is known to be naturalised in Florida, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, tropical Africa, Australia and also on a very localized site in Rangitoto near Yankee Wharf, New Zealand.


Description :

Perennial monocarpic plants.

Stem not branched.

Leaves coarsely serrate, producing plantlets in the sinus of the serration

Inflorescence to 1 m or more, dense cyme with up to 100 and more flowers.

Flowers pendulous, dark red, 2.5 - 3 cm long.

There exist two forms of this hybrid :

- one resembling K. daigremontiana, with narrower leaves which are not or only slightly cordate at the base, and no markings on the upper leaf surface.

- one intermediate between the parents with darker olive-green leaves and markings on the upper side of the leaves.


Some cultivars have been named : 


Kalanchoe x houghtonii 'J.T. Baldwin'.

Named for the botanist John Thomas Baldwin who in 1949 published cytological data and an illustration of the original cross. Leaves of this clone are narrowly lanceolate to triangular, ca 10 x 2 cm, markings only on the back side. The plants naturalised in Florida represent this clone.


Kalanchoe x houghtonii  'Parcel Tongue'.

Offered by ISI in 2007 as a sport of Kalanchoe x houghtonii, however its characteristics rather suggest that it could as well be a form of the species Kalanchoe daigremontiana and not a hybrid.


- Kalanchoe x houghtonii 'Pink Butterflies'.

Named by Harry Mak in Photo Album of Succulents, vol.3, 2003. Offered as ISI 2003-32 as Kalanchoe 'Hybrida' variegated, i.e. the variegated form of Kalanchoe x houghtonii.

Synonym : Kalanchoe x houghtonii 'Pink Sparkler' Jankalski (2006).

Kalanchoe x houghtonii 'Fujicho' Hirose & Yokoi, 1998 is probably identical with 'Pink Butterflies'.


Kalanchoe x hougtonii 'Pink Teeth'.

Selected by Glasshouse Works Nursery. A clone with green leaves which become pink-margined at lower temperatures included the bulbils.


- Kalanchoe x houghtonii 'Garbi'.

This is the clone naturalised in Spain and Portugal. The name has been published by Guillot Ortiz et al. in Bouteloua 19: 99-128. 2014.



Parenté : Kalanchoe daigremontiana x K. delagoensis

Synonymes :

Bryophyllum tubimontanum  Houghton (1935) n.n.

Kalanchoe hybrida  Jacobsen (1954) n.n.

Kalanchoe 'Hybrida'  Hort.


Il existe deux formes de cet hybride :

- l'un ressemble à K. daigremontiana, avec des feuilles étroites et sans dessins sur la face supérieure de la feuille.

- un autre est intermédiaire entre les parents, avec des feuilles vert olive plus foncé et des marques sur la face supérieure des feuilles.


Description :

Plante vivace monocarpique.

Tige non ramifiée.

Feuilles en dents de scie grossières, produisant des plantules dans les sinus (creux) de la dentelure.

Inflorescence atteignant 1 m ou plus, en cyme dense portant jusqu'à 100 fleurs ou plus.

Fleurs pendantes, rouge foncé, 2,5 - 3 cm de long.



L'hybride est connu pour s'être naturalisé en Floride, Espagne, Portugal, Mexique, Afrique tropicale ainsi que dans une zone très localisée sur l'île de Rangitoto, près de Yankee Wharf, en Nouvelle-Zélande.

In Mexico :

Photos Gerhard Köhres

Plant in cultivation :

Photos Eduart Zimer, New Zealand

Photos Éric Barbier, France

Propagules on the leaf margins / Plantules épiphylles :

Photo Thomas Delange

Link to photos by Sven Bernhard

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