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x hankeyi   Gideon F.Sm. 2020

Parentage : Kalanchoe longiflora x K. sexangularis.


The hybrid is intermediate between its parents.

It differs from K. longiflora by

- its leaves often being slightly more lanceolate, longitudinally floppily folded rather than ± flat and generally green and deep red-infused rather than turquoise and orange- to pink-infused and

- inflorescences being generally longer.


It differs from K. sexangularis by

- its leaves  being shorter, less recurved and obovate to nearly orbicular rather than elongated and

- inflorescences being shorter.


The marginal leaf crenations are similar to those of K. longiflora, situated more towards the upper parts of the leaves rather than nearly along the whole margin as in K. sexangualis and also less conspicuous than those of the latter. 

 Note :

The hybrid was first published in Phytotaxa 451(1): 093-096, 2020 :

Gideon F. Smith, Kalanchoe x hankeyi  [= K. longiflora x K. sexangularis ]  (Crassulaceae subfam. Kalanchooideae), a new nothospecies from South Africa. While the nothospecies  x hankeyi  is valid and correct, the simulatenously published nothovariety x hankeyi  is not - it does not exist at all.

The red leaves :

Leaf margins :

Photos Gideon F. Smith

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