Possible parentage : Echeveria fimbriata x Lenophyllum obtusum or guttatum

Description of a two years old plant :

Stem erect, 5 cm high, 1.2 cm in diameter, not offsetting, colour light reddish green, very slightly glaucous, with dark brown leaf scars.

Rosette 17 cm in diameter, 7 cm high, very loose, appr. 15 leaves.

Leaves up to 8 cm long and 2,9 cm wide in upper third, 0,65 cm thick; obovate-oblanceolate, acute, not mucronate, upper side flat, middle vein evident, slightly hollowed in lower half, underside very slightly rounded, colour purplish brown to violet brown, very slightly glaucous.

Inflorescence: 1 for this plant, composed of 10 or more cincinni, peduncle up to 30 cm long and 0,65 cm in diameter, colour in lower part the same as the stem, gradually turning purplish, pedicels of unequal length, up to 1, 5 cm, with or without bracteoles, lower bracts up to 6 cm long and 1,55 cm wide, shape of leaves, gradually getting smaller, fairly persistent, upper bracts up to 1,6 cm long, very unequal,  purplish brown.

Flowers : Sepals unequal, not united at base, up to 11 mm long and 3 mm wide, appressed at petals, same colour as bracts, petals 13 mm long and 3,5 mm wide, united at base for 2 mm, keeled, curved outside at tips, no petal appendages, colour outside keel broadly pink, margins light yellowish, inside light yellowish, carpel greenish white, style vinaceous red, filaments white.

First published in Sedum Society Newsletter July 2009, nr. 90.

Photos Margrit Bischofberger

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