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Misty Charm

A hybrid by Charles Uhl, USA.


Parentage: Pachyphytum coeruleum x P. oviferum.


Etymology: Misty, for the shifting colours of the leaves from pale blue to pale grey;

Charm, in reference to the beauty of an encased gemstone or jewel.





Stems first erect, then decumbent, basally branching, 16 - 20 cm x 1 cm.


Rosettes 8 - 10 cm in diameter with 18 - 20 strongly congested leaves.


Leaves oblanceolate, flat to slightly concave ventrally and convex dorsally, length 4 - 6 cm x 18 mm, 10 - 12 mm thick, basally blue to grey, flushed lavender, glaucous, mucronate with ca ½ mm cream mucro.


Inflorescence 10 - 15 cm in length, bracts 5 - 6, 18 x 3 mm, basally cream to fawn.


Flowers 12, 15 mm x 12 mm (at opening), sepals basally cream to light green, petals yellow to light green at apex, flushed red.

First published in the CSSA Inc. November issue of the journal Spine (AU).


Photos Vicki O'Brien

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