Origin unknown

Parentage: Pachyphytum viride ? x Sedum craigii ?


Description :

Plant with several stems developing and elongating from the base.


Stems more than 25 cm long, more than 1 cm in diameter, bending downwards, sometimes with aerial roots.


Leaves: oblanceolate, obtuse, terete, persistent at young stems, easily falling off from older stems, old leaves green, young leaves reddish to pinkish, up to 6 – 6,2 cm long and 1,4 – 1, 7 cm wide.


Inflorescences 13 cm long, same colour as leaves, double cincinnus, 9 - 10 flowers per cincinnus.


Flowers : Sepals unequal, appressed at petals, up to 1 cm long and 0,4 cm wide, petals united for 1 mm, upper half curved outside between sepals, inside at base white, the outcurved part pink except appendages, outside white at base, pinkish above, 1 cm long and 0,3 – 0,4 cm wide, carpel greenish, style pinkish – greenish, filaments white.


P. viride : n=33

S. craigii : 2n=60

Sedum craigii  might be responsible for the colour of the leaves.

Plant in cultivation in New Caledonia.
Photos Benoît Henry.

Photos Emmanuelle Aubé.

More pinkish in Australia :

Photos Noelene Tomlinson

Photo Joan Steele

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