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AMPLEXICAULE (De Candolle) Velayos, 1989

Synonyms :

Sedum amplexicaule  De Candolle (1808) / Sedum tenuifolium var. amplexicaule  (De Candolle) Maire (1977)

Sedum boryanum  De Candolle (1828)

Sedum amplexicaule var. ciliatum  Lange (1878) / Sedum tenuifolium var. ciliatum  (Lange) Fröderström (1932).


Distribution : Mediterranean region from Morocco, Portugal and Spain to Greece and Turkey.



Description (according to IHSP, 2003) :


Glabrous perennials, often with pale yellowish-green colour; sterile shoots short, in midsummer with a terminal propagulum covered by the densely imbricate, broad, 3-lobed basal spurs of dead leaves.


Leaves loosely imbricate (except for the propagules), linear-oblong, mucronate, terete, with a broad 3-lobed spur, 10 - 20 mm, green or glaucous, margin sometimes fimbriate.


Inflorescences : Flowering branches erect or ascending, 6 - 20 (-30) cm, inflorescences terminal cymes with 2 - 3 ascending lax cincinni, drooping in bud, bracts leaf-like.


FIowers (5- to) 6- to 8- (to 12-) merous, subsessile, sepals basally connate, equal, triangular-ovate, acuminate, ± 4 mm, petals free, oblong, yellow with red mid-vein, 6 -8 (-10) mm, spreading, filaments yellow, basally densely papillate, anthers yellow.


2 subspecies :

Petrosedum amplexicaule ssp. amplexicaule

Petrosedum amplexicaule ssp. tenuifolium (Smith) Velayos, 1989





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