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x estrelae   Gideon F.Sm. & R.Stephenson, 2015

Parentage : Petrosedum forsterianum x P. sediforme

Distribution : Central Portugal


Description :

Perennial, few-branched, succulent herb.

Stems semi-erect to erect, 5 - 9 cm long.

Leaves on sterile branches linear, loosely arranged, clustered towards tips, glacous, 7 - 10 x 0.5 - 1 mm.

Inflorescence contracted, ball-shaped, buds ovoid.

Flowers : Sepals triangular, light green, petals bright yellow infused with light green, filaments yellow, glabrous, anthers yellow.


Note :

Petrosedum x estrelae differs from P. forsterianum in being more robust, having light green to glaucous leaves instead of yellowish green, terete, almost hair-like leaves and light green instead of yellowish sepals. It differs from P. sediforme in having much thinner and narrower leaves, overall being a daintier entity and having yellow instead of whitish green petals.


First published in Bradleya 33/2015.

Photos Gideon F. Smith

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