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PUBESCENS Vahl, 1791

Synonyms :

Sedum filiforme  Poiret (s.a.)

Sedum hispidum  Desfontaines (1798) / Oreosedum hispidum  (Desfontaines) Grulich (1984)

Sedum atlanticum  Persoon (1805)


Distribution : Northern Africa (Tunisia, eastern Algeria)



Description (according to IHSP, 2003) :


Glandular-pubescent somewhat sticky annual herbs with usually simple erect stems to ± 20 cm tall.


Leaves alternate, sessile, terete or semiterete, oblong to linear-oblong, 6 - 15 mm, obtuse, green, lower face often reddish or purplish.


Inflorescences lax cymes with 2 to many cincinni, bracts small, pedicels filiform, 3 - 6 mm.


FIowers 5- to 6-merous, ovoid or subglobular in bud, sepals broadly sessile, basally connate, ovate-oblong to oblong, 1 - 1,5 mm, petals basally slightly connate, narrowly lanceolate, 5 - 6 mm, acuminate, yellow, filaments yellow, glabrous, anthers yellow.


Cytology: 2n - 12.


Close to S. gattefossei and S. versicolor.


Sedum pubescens Djebel Kournine, Tunisia :

Photos Ray Stephenson

Photos Meinolf Stützer

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