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Synonyms :

Sedum tectorum  (L.) Scopoli (1722)

Sempervivum tectorum var. glaucescens  Welwitsch (s.a.)


Distribution : Mountains of western, central and southern Europe (from the central Pyrenees to the south-eastern Alps and the southern Appennini); frequently cultivated and naturalized from Scandinavia and Ireland across Europe to the Caucasus and Iran.

See also : Alan C. Smith, Sempervivum tectorum   in The Genus Sempervivum and Jovibarba (1975) - permission to use this book for publication on ICNet is greatly appreciated.

Two varieties :

Sempervivum tectorum var. arvernense  (Lecoq & Lamotte) Zonneveld, 1999

Sempervivum tectorum var. tectorum

 See also : Alan Smith, The Genus Sempervivum and Jovibarba, 1980

Known localities of S. tectorum, compiled by Klaus Schropp

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