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arachnoideum x wulfenii

In IHSP, 2003, 't Hart, Bleij & Zonneveld  have published the name Sempervivum x fimbriatum Schnittspahn & Lehmann (1855) for the hybrid of S. arachnoideum x wulfenii. However the plant the two authors described is of unknown origin (they had received it from the Botanical Garden of Karlsruhe); moreover the description is not sufficiently accurate to resolve all doubt concerning its identity. They compare it with S. x piliferum, so the question is : Was it really the hybrid of S. arachnoideum x wulfenii or rather that of S. arachnoideum x tectorum ?

As a synonym, the three authors have listed S. x roseum Huter & Gander ex Nyman (1878). The origin and therewith also the parentage are known (the plant had been collected in Tyrol), so it would seem much more correct to use the name Sempervivum x roseum for the hybrid of S. arachnoideum x wulfenii.

Description (according to Praeger, 1932) :

Resembling a small S. wulfenii in its light green glabrous leaves, but with a tuft of woolly hairs at the leaf-tip. Petals yellow with red lilnes, or reddish with a yellow edge, or of an uncertain intermediate shade.

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