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x nixonii  Zonneveld, 1981

Parentage : Sempervivum globiferum x S. heuffelii

Synonyms :
Sempervivumkwediana  Mitchell (1982)  (S. globiferum ssp. allionii x S. heuffelii)

Sempervivum x mitchellii  Zonneveld (1982)  (S. globiferum ssp. arenaria x S. heuffelii)

Sempervivum x smithii  Mitchell (1987) (nom. illeg.)

Artificial hybrids.

Description :

Intermediate between the parents.

Rosettes 3 - 5 cm across.

Leaves abruptly mucronate, hairless except along the margins.

Offsets between the lower leaves on very short stolons.

Flowering stems ca 8 cm, cauline leaves lightly hairy.

Flowers : Petals fringed near the top, but not on keel.

The plants die after flowering and are completely sterile.


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