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x praegeri   Rowley, 1974

Parentage : Sempervivum ciliosum x S. marmoreum (erythraeum)


Description (according to Praeger, 1932) :

Of appearance intermediate between the parents.

Rosettes resembling those of erythraeum, smallish, neat, and open, but the densely glandular-pubescent leaves have much longer hairs (though not so long as in ciliosum) mixed with the small ones near the tip, especially on the edge and at the apiculus.

Leaves broader than in ciliosum, in outline like erythraeum.

Flowers intermediate, petals hairy on back and edge, greenish-yellow flushed with red near aprex, anthers buff, flushed purple, filaments purplish above, whitish below.

Flowering time : July.

Note : The hybrid of S. leucanthum x S. marmoreum is often wrongly distributed under the name S. x praegeri.

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