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x rupicola   Kerner, 1870

Synonyms :

Sempervivum huteri  Hausmann ex Seboth & Graf (1876)

Sempervivum x theobaldi  Brügger (1880)

Sempervivum braunii  Facchinetti (1905) (nom. illeg.)

Sempervivum x pernhofferi  Hayek (1909) / Sempervivum x rupicola nvar. pernhofferi  (Hayek) Rowley (1958)

Parentage : Sempervivum montanum x S. wulfenii.

Naturally occurring.  

Description (according to Praeger, 1932) :

Rosettes 4 - 5 cm across, smaller than S. wulfenii.

Leaves oblong-obovate, broadest in upper third, somewhat narrowed downwards, base red, abruptly and shortly mucronate at apex, glabrous or somewhat glandular-pilose on face, glandular-hairy on back, shortly ciliate on edges.

Flowering stem 8 - 15 cm long, stem-leaves glandular-hairy, red-tipped.

Flowers 10 - 18 mm across, petals pale yellow to dirty pink, with red streaks, filaments reddish-yellow or purple.

This description applies to the commoner form of the hybrid. The cross in which S. montanum ssp. stiriacum is involved is similar but has broader more hairy leaves, broadest in the middle (confined to Styria and Carinthia).


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