Pink Brasil

Parentage : Tacitus bellus x Echeveria spec.

Description :

Rosette up to 20 - 25 cm diam., caespitose.

Leaves oblanceolate, acute, mucronate, slightly keeled below, to 10 cm long, 1 cm wide at base and up to 3.5 cm wide in upper third, greyish-green, below with a carmine hue near the tip.

Inflorescence upright, up to 20 cm high, a more or less flat-topped panicle 10 - 12 cm wide with 5 - 6 branches, bearing 30-40 flowers, pedicels 15 mm long ; peduncle densely crowded with numerous acuminate bracts up to 20 x 8 mm.

Sepals ascending, 10 x 2 mm, greyish-green, corolla tube 5 mm, petals spreading at an angle of 45°, lanceolate-acuminate, 20 x 5 mm, inside rose in lower two thirds, pale rose to almost white near tip, outside whitish-rose with a rose midstripe.

Flowering time is late spring (like Tacitus bellus), however occasional flowering during the rest of the year is also possible.

First published in Cactus & Succulent Journal US 93(2): 153-155. 2021.


Plants sometimes produce misshaped leaves reminding somewhat of E. runyonii  'Topsy Turvy' ......

... or cristate forms :

Photos Gerardus Olsthoorn

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