FLORIFERUS (Praeger) 't Hart, 1995

Synonyms :


Sedum floriferum  Praeger (1918) / Sedum kamtschaticum var. floriferum  (Praeger) Stephenson (1994) / Aizopsis florifera  (Praeger) P.V.Heath (2001)


Subgenus Aizoon.


Distribution : North-eastern China.



Description (according to IHSP, 2003) :


Glabrous herbs with a woody torulose rootstock and thick roots.


Leaves spatulate-oblanceolate, obtuse, crenate in the upper part, sessile, to 4 x ± 1.5 cm, dark green.


Flowering branches ascending or decumbent, somewhat scabrid, to 15 cm long, often richly branched in the upper part, with spreading axillary branches, red.


Inflorescences terminal or lateral, flattish, 2 - 5 cm in diameter.


Flowers subsessile, sepals basally free or slightly connate, widely spreading, linear to oblanceolate, obtuse, very fleshy, 1/2 as long as the petals, petals lanceolate, acute, short-mucronate, greenish-yellow, filaments greenish, anthers reddish-yellow.


Probably described from cultivated material, but apparently no longer in cultivation (Stephenson 1994). Its status within Subgenus  Aizoon is uncertain. Although it is treated explicitly as a species in the Chinese Flora, it is not mentioned by Chung & Kim (1989).

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