SICHOTENSIS (Voroschilov) 't Hart, 1995

Synonyms :


Sedum sichotense  Voroschilov (1961) / Sedum middendorfianum ssp. sichotense (Voroschilov) Voroschilov (1985) / Aizopsis middendorfiana ssp. sichotensis (Voroschilov) S. Gontcharova (1999)


Subgenus Aizoon


Distribution : Russia (Far East).



Description (according to IHSP, 2003) :


Glabrous small perennial herbs, ascending, tufted, to ± 10 cm; otherwise like P. kamtschaticus.


Very close to and almost indistinguishable from many small forms of the variable P. kamtschaticus. Gontcharova (2000: 126, as Aizopsis) classified this species as a subspecies of P. middendorfianus.

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