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OBVALLATA L., 1767 (engl./ fr.)

Section Globulea

Etymology : Referring to the arrangement of the leaves described in detail in Bulletin de la Société botanique de France, 1854.


Description by Harvey in Flora Capensis 2: 364. 1862 :

Stem short, fleshy, simple, densely leafy.

Leaves (subradical) lanceolate-oblong or obliquely cultrate, subacute or obtuse, glabrous, cartilagineo-ciliate.

Peduncle scapelike, panicled with a few leaf-scales.

Cymules densely fascicled, pubescent.

Calyx-lobes puberulent, ciliate, oblong, blunt.

Petals subconnate, panduriform, with an oblong, dorsal gland below the apex.

Stigma sessile, capitate, squamae oblong.

See also A re-evaluation of Crassula obvallata L. by Roy Mottram

but note that the explanation of the name is completely wrong and also the caption of Fig. 3 : This is plate 61.

Traduction françaiseUne réévaluation de Crassula obvallata L.

 Attention : L'explication du nom est complètement erronée et ce qui concerne Fig. 3 : C'est n° 61, pas 21.

Crassula obvallata L. (E Cape, Stockenstroom District, nr. roadside half  way up the Katberg on the S side, on dry rocky bank, shaded, 3500-4000ft; Oct 1925, R. A. Dyer 108) NT specimen at GRA. 

Crassula obvallata L. (Cap-Oriental, District de Stockenstroom, au bord de la route à mi-chemin de Katberg, côté sud, sur berges rocheuses ombragées, 1000-1200 m ; octobre 1925, R. A. Dyer 108) néotype, à Grahamstown.

Photos Jacquie Koutsoudis

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